How To Get Traffic To A New Blog – 5 Great Ways

How To Get Traffic To A New Blog – 5 Great Ways

There was a time where I quit my blogging just because I don’t see any traffic from my blog’s. Even this might happened some other bloggers too who have started their blogging career long time ago don’t see much improvement in their traffic.
I don’t understand what the reason behind of this then I started to analyze my content and come up with new trick and tips where I could like to share with you new bloggers

Tips to be followed to get more traffic to new website or blogs J

How Can New blogger Get Traffic to A New Website or Blog?

I know you must tried many illegal way or other legit way to get traffic to but most of the people might forgot about the Main Important role in this picture is how your Network is strong, The more network you have the more traffic you’ll get. Many people don’t know to connect the world where the people are looking out for info which is stuck in your mind so be clam and listen here the point which might help you to boost your post to get more traffic.

The best way to build a network around your blog is you know: start interacting with others using

  • Facebook
  • Google+ community
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

How To Get Traffic To A New Blog – 5 Great Ways

I would recommend the 1st 3 Social media because it’s easy to spread your post info and follow other bloggers easily using this social media sites and get traffic to a new blog.

Following are some EXCEPTIONAL ways to bring traffic to a new blog (0r) any blog.

1 . Blog Comments:

Comment on top blogs in your Interest try to be the first 5 commenters. Don’t spam their blogs by writing one liners. Add value to your comments. If you want to get traffic daily this is the best way to go.

Type “your Interest + blog” in google to know which are the top blogs in your Interest.

How To Get Traffic To A New Blog – 5 Great WaysEx: “Earn Money online+ blog”

2 . Network with others using Facebook and twitter

Facebook: Join in related Groups… Promote yourself out there.. BTW Facebook alone is giving me 100+ leads daily traffic to other bloggers even without promoting every day! So don’t neglect bringing Facebook traffic to your blog.

In the beginning you may find it difficult but when you start promoting others content and when you get to know each other on Facebook, it becomes very easy!

Twitter: Follow top bloggers in your Interest and follow their followers. This is the simple yet effective way of increasing your targeted twitter followers. Once you have done this, you can tweet your new articles and ask your followers to retweet it.

3 . Do Video Marketing:

Create an Introduction video and add your blog link at the starting Submit them to Platform like YouTube etc.

Tools to use: Use Davinci resolve or Fillmore to create free videos

4 . Quality writing detailed articles.

Ask yourself what should I do different from other for looking your post easily and understanding and with decent look, never try to copy others design be Unique

You need to differentiate yourself with others to become successful and unique blogger, it takes time to create content, design. But you shouldn’t spend whole time creating only normal average posts.

Spend time to create detailed posts with 1200 or 1800+ words once in a while. If you’re not a full time blogger like me, at least try to think better topic in the rest of the day and once you get time write full details post about that topic, I used follow the same process when I travel to office I used to think on topic and when I got weekly off I tried to post at least 2 post in week. 

5 . Make sure you Don’t forget SEO

How To Get Traffic To A New Blog – 5 Great Ways

Most of the people blog their post and leave it as it is for traffic and shared their post in Facebook or else but this will not work. They forget about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) when you’re just starting out.
I feel this is the Key where you need to learn in that how you can rank your site or blogs in Google by doing SEO
You need to focus on what  keywords  to use and how much keyword density you should maintain in your content to get search engine traffic to your blog. It’s extremely important to bring organic (search engine) traffic to your blog. Because it’s free and highly effective!

And do proper keyword analysis before you’re writing the articles. Then embed them into your posts. If you’re a beginner then this is enough! Don’t go beyond, you’ll better understand about SEO when you’re spending more time on blogging and try to play with SEO you will get Golden Key store once you master in that. 😉

Final Suggestion:

So, main focus on building a network by blog commenting, writing great stuff and social media networking using above tips

Always try to joined group and post you blogs inside their group but don’t forget to comment other post too by doing this they will not treating you as Spam 😛

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